16 November 2015

Bread Street Kitchen @ Marina Bay Sands

We've probably all heard his rantings on TV. Often, these were nasty remarks that pierce right to the heart. At times, it looks like he was about to get a stroke. Ah, Gordon Ramsey. Perhaps his bark is louder than his bite. And it was his food that I was more interested in.

He had found it worth his while to set up a restaurant in Singapore. And of course, it has to be at an upmarket location at Marina Bay Sands. His Bread Street Kitchen sits at one corner of the complex. Wonder what's the story behind the name though? Gordon wasn't around to answer that question.

Wifey and I decided to make a visit there on our special day. It was a long walk to the restaurant, a walk filled with much expectations. The restaurant itself seemed pretty innocuous from the outside.

With a view facing the bay though, the restaurant is actually at a very nice spot. Fascinating place for people watching too. Many joggers and tourists went traipsing by as we sat our table. I think the ambiance would probably be even more fantastic at night?

We ordered an appetizer, main course and dessert each.

I had ordered the Black Angus Steak (10 oz). When the waitress asked for my choice of sauce to go with it, I took whatever the first thing it was that she said. I didn't know what it was actually. I was completely clueless. When the dish came, it was some gooey yellowish stuff. But, it was REALLY, REALLY GOOD! Turns out it is "bearnaise". Never heard of it before. But apparently, bearnaise and steak is a match made in heaven. The steak itself was impeccable. Yumz.

My dessert was Monkey Shoulder Cheesecake with Sorbet. I was expecting a cheesecake. What came later looked like a pudding, along with a scoop of sorbet. But the taste, oh the taste! Googling the Internet, I discovered that Monkey Shoulder seems to be a whiskey. The sorbet was of course sour. But when I mixed the two, the sourness wasn't there at all. Most intriguing. The whiskey, cheesecake and sorbet blended together to offer a completely different taste experience. There is a logic to the blending. Here's a case of 1+1 does not equal 2. Yumz once again.

The meal of course didn't come cheap. It cost about $100 per person. They actually have much cheaper set meal options. But no regrets. Well worth the price from my perspective. And to top it off, the bill came discounted. Apparently, Citibank Visa has a 10% discount deal. Cool.

Oh, the service? Simply put, fantastic! I wish all service staff were so attentive, and well informed. Gordon must be paying them well.

Everything came looking great, and more importantly, tasted great! It definitely did not disappoint. Well done Bread Street Kitchen! Thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience.

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