02 June 2013

Consult your stock broker

Totally Useless Advice #1

Was watching an episode related to investment recently, and came across a most useless piece of information.  The question posed was on what stock to pick at this point in time (in the Singapore market).  The advise was to refer to a stock broker.  What crap! 

Totally Useless Advice #2

Then there was another question regarding generating income from stocks.  The reply was to buy blue chip stocks to get good dividend income stream.  Rubbish once again!

Totally Useless Advice #3

And here's another one: How should one go about building a retirement income.  The answer: buy annuities.  No prize for guessing the occupation of the lady giving this piece of advice.
Can we have a better show please!?  We're getting horrendous investment advice from TV.  Had a more positive impression from past episodes.  But this one really irritated the heck out of me.