03 November 2015

Considerations in Stock Picking

This is a reminder for myself on the considerations in selecting stocks to invest in ...

I am not a trader, so carrying out technical analysis to decide when to buy and sell by the minute isn't my thing. That is perhaps best left to a full time professional. For a working professional, a value investing approach is probably more appropriate.


Business that lasts, not a flavour of the year thing.
Has products/services that is consumed again and again.
A business that is difficult for competitors to come in is best, less competition.

[I'd rather buy a company that supplies detergent than one that sells washing machines.]


Reliable management, in sync with shareholder interests.
A management that owns and buy even more of their own stocks.
Not overpaying themselves as board members/executives.
Above board business dealings.

[Give me an honest management any day. One that seeks to rewards themselves exorbitantly in times both good and bad is really no different from the gold scam schemers. The only difference is that they 'steal' from investors in broad daylight without having to run away.]


Viable financials with positive Free Cash Flow (FCF).
Shows growth that is generally growing year on year. Positive earnings (EPS).
Profitable, yet undervalued. Low PE <15, PTB <1.0 (exciting)
Pays sustainable dividends; Dividends (DPS) < Earnings (EPS)

[It's hard to lie with real data. With fraud, something will not balance out, eventually. Unusual increases in Trade Receivables is not a good sign!]

"It's the business, stupid!"

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Financial Journalist said...

Stocks with consistent growth make good investment. It will be good if they pay decent dividend as well. Hence investors are compensated for waiting.

These 2 stocks fit into this criteria: