11 November 2015

Boteyju San - satisfying a crave for Japanese food

Tuesday was Deepavali. It was great to have yet another public holiday to take things easy. Zen. Happy Dewali to our friends.

I've yet to satisfy my craving for Japanese food despite having gone for a week's sojourn in Tokyo two months ago. Having no other plans for the day, wifey and I decided to give it a go at a Boteyju San restaurant at Star Vista.

Guess we were early. The restaurant wasn't crowded and we managed to get a table for the three of us. I noticed the restaurant was largely laid out for 2-seaters. Perhaps that's more of their typical clientele. Like many such restaurants, orders were placed using a Tablet (iPad?).

I ordered a mixed set which came with servings of wagyu beef, salmon and chicken, along with some potato and vegetables. Tasty enough, although the beef was a tad overcooked.

My daughter ordered the garlic fried rice. It was really tasty! Fragrant.

Wifey went for the yakisoba. It was quite good as well.

The main feature was probably the okonomiyaki which I believe this restaurant is famous for. It didn't disappoint. Might have been more fun though if we could have done some self cooking for this. Kind of remembered the fun we had when we did this previously in Japan, even if we couldn't communicate a word at all with the Japanese staff then who spoke no english! All we needed was a smartphone with a language translator! A life saver to break down language barriers.

What's this got to do with investment or finance? Not much, except maybe the point that we have to enjoy life even as we save towards a financial future. Ok, ok, that's perhaps a wee bit cheesy?

Actually, there is a link. But it wasn't the reason that led me to patronise this restaurant. It was a discovery after the fact, and therefore totally serendipitous. As I was paying for the meal, I discovered with some glee that this restaurant is actually part of a chain for which I had a discount card. 10% discount is no small amount. Thank you Japan Foods!

As a stock though, Japan Foods hasn't been great for me so far. I guess the food industry is a difficult one as there is much competition. Labour in Singapore is expensive. But I do note that Japan Foods makes use of technology to streamline its operations. Its service staff standard isn't as great though, so there's much room for improvement.

Still, the discount card hasn't been a bad thing. Slurp slurp, munch munch.

Japan Foods - Ajisen Discount

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