15 February 2011

A period of fear, A period of opportunity?

There seems to be a fair bit of fear at the moment.  STI has been pulling back quite a bit over the Chinese New Year, coupled with tightening measures in China, and the domino situation across the Middle-East.  I am viewing any pullback at this time as a good buy for accumulation for the long term.

The ones I am eyeballing and watching with anticipatory interest:
- M1
- Adampak
- Guocoleisure (wait for UK recovery and impact on their UK casino operations)
- Teckwah
- Capital Commercial Trust (NAV appreciated due to mark to market value of properties)
- Sp Reinsurance
- Hsu Fu Chi
- Cerebos
- Singpost
- SATS (wait for recovery of food business in UK and appreciation of the Stirling)
- Tat Hong (wait for re-construction in Australia)