11 December 2015

Stock Take for 2015 on To-Do's - The Force Awakens!

It's almost the end of the year. Time to do a bit of stock take.

Fully contributed SRS. Checked.

Made donations to charity. Checked, checked, checked.

Contributed $7,000 to wife's CPF-SA. Checked.

Watched Star Wars.  Oops, not yet.  Time to feel the Force yet again.  The last time I did that, I was sitting in the first row of the cinema after having spent a whole afternoon of footdrill training for National Day Parade (marching contingent). Wasn't a good feeling when the screen goes scrolling with the intro.

As a stop gap, probably should go buy a Subway sandwich and get the freebie Star Wars keychain?


la papillion said...

Probably have to wait a few weeks for the hot movie to cool down first, before you can get seats lol

Watch when others don't want to watch ;)

Lizardo said...

Hi LP,

I checked on Thu availability at a couple of Golden Village cinemas and there seem to be tickets left. For the hardcore, there is hope! *grin*