04 July 2019

Saving more with SP Utilities app and UOB One Card

With the recent liberalisation of power services, I think many would have switched out of SingPower (SP) by now.  If you have not, time to give it some serious thought (see Switched to Keppel Electric, saved some).

But there remain other utilities that are still serviced by SP. So here's a quick hack offered by SP to provide further discount on the remaining bill with them:

"Enjoy power on your fingertips with your UOB One Card. Paying your utilities bill is now an easy finger tap away via SP Utilities app. What's more, enjoy up to 6% rebate on your SP utilities bill with UOB One Card."  -- from advert e-mail from UOB."
Here's how:
  1. Download the SP Utilities app from your app store.
  2. Configure your SP account number.
  3. Select Payment Method to add UOB One Card as the primary payment option.

And that's it.

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