08 July 2019

Phone Smashed in the Land of the Rising Sun II - The Outcome

So I mentioned how Wifey's phone got smashed up during our trip to Japan (Phone smashed in land of the Rising Sun).  Thankful that we were reminded that this should be covered by our travel insurance.  We had completely overlooked that.

Thank goodness for travel insurance!

Checking through the details, it seems the insurance we bought could cover up to a maximum claim of $500 for lost or damaged items. So we submitted a claim.

Not bad. Just received a cheque for $203. Considering that the phone is already two years old and would have depreciated in value, it was still a reasonable outcome.

Something is better than nothing right?


Ocean said...

Can u share which insurance co u bought from ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, can share what documents the insurance company wants you to submit in order to qualify for the claim ?


Lizardo said...

The travel insurance was from Great Eastern.

Documents needed were their standard claim form, passport evidence of travel (or air ticket stub as alternative), and a picture of the damaged phone.