10 June 2015

Sumiko Tan's "Money No Enough"

Among the journalists whose articles I greatly enjoy reading in The Sunday Times are Sumiko Tan and Teh Hooi Ling. I've always found Sumiko's reflections and musings of her everyday life amusing, and Hooi Ling's financial commentaries insightful. Alas, Hooi Ling had left the papers and gone into fund management as the Head of Research and Executive Director at Aggregate Asset Management. A loss for the public, but great for her.

Anyway, seems Sumiko Tan really wasted her money. Poor thing. She got a really raw deal for a "retirement" plan that would have given paltry returns of 2.38%, and then decided not to go ahead with it only after the "free look period" had past. Oh dear.

Source: The Sunday Times, 7 Jun 2015.

Doesn't look like she is ready for her retirement either, although she did mention she has some insurance and shares. I hope those are enough for her retirement. Her lifestyle shouldn't have been that expensive given that she has no children and she married really, really late.

I think she needs to make friends with Teh Hooi Ling. *grin* Wishing her all the best regardless.

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She should come to talk to us more often. LOL!

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