02 June 2015

Boustead Project - Is this multi-bagger for real?

Boustead is one of the key players on my team of dividends stock. Recently on 24 Apr 2015, it spawned off a new player called Boustead Projects by introducing this stock on the SGX issued like a dividend from Boustead. Believe the technical term is "distribution of shares in specie". So it's a new specie! Hah.

As a result, I'm now a shareholder of Boustead Projects as well. The new units were issued at a value of 15.47 cents per share (Boustead Investor Central - Dividend History). Fascinatingly, its value seems to be at 90 cents now (as on 29 May 2015). It's dropping though.

That's 5.8 times its starting value (a 5-bagger), or a return of 482%! What gives?

Will it drop back to its starting value? Or is this where it should be valued at?

[Updated 7 Jun 2015]

As Raymond K subsequently shared, the distribution in specie was 3 shares of Boustead Project for 10 shares of Boustead. So, each share of Boustead Projects should in fact be valued at $0.516. So it's not a 5-bagger, but is closer to being a 2-bagger.


Anonymous said...

I think you didn't consider the 3 by 10 ratio?

Lizardo said...


You're referring to 3 for 10 from Boustead? Not sure how that relates to Boustead Project's jump in price though. Believe Boustead itself didn't drop by the equivalent price.

Raymond K said...

Boustead share should drop by 15.5 cents XD, and Boustead Projects new shares have NAV of around $0.515 based on 3 for 10 entitlement

Lizardo said...

Raymond K,

Thanks for highlighting. It's still quite a climb.