07 June 2015

My US Team of Dividend Stocks 2015

Like my Singapore Team (of dividend stocks), Team USA has been giving good returns. Below figures are the annualised Internal Rates of Return (IRR) for my investments in these US stocks, inclusive dividends. IRRs would have been even better if not for the 30% withholding tax on the dividends.


(1) Berkshire Hathaway-B (9.5%). Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. Need to say more? Several of below companies are also held by Berkshire.


(2) Johnson & Johnson (15.6%). Household products for healthcare and beauty.
(3) Proctor & Gamble (7.3%). Household products - toiletries, diapers, etc. We consume plenty of their products without realising it.
(4) Exxon Mobil (16.0%). Big oil. Almost everything that moves need it. 
(5) Anheuser Busch (20.6%). Beer and theme parks. But it's mostly beer. Addiction.


(6) Wells Fargo (26.0%). Big Bank USA. Essential function for a working economy.
(7) McDonalds (9.8%). Junk food USA. Kids just love it, dunno why. Struggling of late from menu complexity, and competition from more fashionable competitors.
(8) Walmart (-1.7%). Low cost supermarket and departmental store. Has mass market appeal for the price conscious.
(9) Union Pacific (12.5%). Railways and long haul cargo via land.


(10) IBM (4.5%). Information technology - Big Data and Data Analytics. Buzzwords of the decade. Still waiting for Dr Watson to make an impact.

(11) Philip Morris (15.0%). Cigarettes. Global addiction, big time.


(12) Chevron (0.6%). Another big oil, similar to but smaller than Exxon Mobil.

(13) Target (29.1%). Another departmental store, similar to Walmart. I prefer to shop at Target though.

Interesting contrasts over the performance of Walmart compared to Target, and likewise between Exxon and Chevron. Big oil has of course suffered in recent months. But perhaps gradual recovery in sight. Sounds like an opportunity to continue buying more. Target has done better as I bought at its throes of poor performance over its Canadian fiasco which it subsequently exited.

Many of the companies derive much of their revenues from the global market and continue to thrive, in general. Don't think there will be any significant changes I need to make to this team.

I'm keenly watching a few players to bring on board. Maybe Disney and Visa?

A US team of dividend stocks

By no means a suggestion to buy any of these stocks. I bought them at different times and have owned most of them for a few years as my approach is generally one of "buy and hold".

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