27 December 2018

Bit by Bit, the Coin that wasn't

So the euphoria of BitCoin and all variants of cryptocurrencies appear to be going the way of the dodo bird.

I must say it took a lot of conviction to resist from throwing some money into it when it looked like it was never going any way but up over the past two years.  Up, up and away.

But what kept me on the sidelines were those exponential graphs of its jet-thrust trajectory.  It reminded me of similar graphs of the Dot Com era, the S-Chips craze, etc. They always have the same consistent look.

All good things must come to a fiery end.

I hope those who threw good money at it did make some decent money somehow. If not, it's been an expensive jackpot game.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to learn how the Digital Ledger Technology actually works, code wise. Fascinatingly simple, to some extent - at least the basics of it.  Guess I'm a bit of a geek. 


Createwealth8888 said...

Company will arrange regular lunch talk sessions on item of interests so Bitcoin investment is one of them.

I attended one lunch talk session on Bitcoin investment organised by company. Not sure how many ex-colleagues make or lose money.

May be like Dotcom era; some of the Bitcoin will finally survive and made it real big!

Lizardo said...

Kind of risky for company to arrange such talks for staff.

I think the technology will survive beyond the current hype. But perhaps not the cryptocurrency?