25 May 2015

Medishield Life - Verification & Information

Seems like we need to verify the household data for Medishield Life at this
link. It's a simple check to confirm the members of the household, contact number and e-mail.

The website at the link also has comprehensive information and calculators related to Medishield Life. The calculator can be used to provide an illustration of the payments needed for the household members for the next 5 years.

Medishield Life replaces (upgrades) the existing Medishield hospitalisation insurance scheme under CPF. This is one type of must-have insurance for every person. 

Existing private integrated shield plans (e.g. IncomeShield from NTUC Income, PruShield from Prudential, etc) are built on top of this - i.e. the private insurers provide additional coverage on top of the underlying Medishield Life.

Even if there are pre-existing illnesses that such private integrated shield plans don't cover, the underlying Medishield Life will still cover those (there may be some loading from CPF).  But of course, that would be without whatever additional benefits the private plan would have provided.

Thank Goodness We Had Medical Insurance!

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