16 October 2015

Seafood at factory prices and with discount too - Fassler

Is it possible to get seafood at factory prices and still get a discount? Sounds too good to be true. but Fassler is apparently offering just that.

Fassler Gourmet
46 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738459
Opens Mon-Fri 0800-1700H; Sat 0800-1300H

[They have a new outlet at Tiong Bahru as well.]

Having just come back from an overseas holiday, wifey and I decide to drive over to Fassler to stock up our empty fridge. To our delight, they were offering a membership discount scheme.

For a purchase of $50 or more, you can join as a member for a year and get discounts for subsequent buys. Upon signing on at a membership fee of $50, you are given a $60 coupon which can be immediately redeemed. Kind of strange as it is equivalent to saying that you are getting a discount of $10 for free membership.

While it has an online presence where you can also other their products, the membership offer doesn't seem to be offered online. But you can sign up on the spot at their Woodlands Terrace factory/shop.

Wifey and I usually go there to buy their salmon, whether smoked or sashimi grade. It comes as a whole slab. enough for 4 meals x 4 persons. And it's much cheaper than the same item found at Cold Storage. Scallops, clams, various kinds of fish, soup packs, etc.

If you're visiting for the first time and don't know where all the food are, ask the staff. It's in a walk-in refrigerated unit on the right. They provide winter jackets. If you're wearing a pair of bermudas or shorts, you're not going to last very long in there. You've been warned!

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