13 April 2016

Pathways to Investment Options or How to Get Rich Without Being Scammed

Giraffe has done an awesome job collating the various investment means available in Singapore, and has even provided some step-by-step guides on how to get going for each of them.

This is really awesome. Have a read: 17 Investment Options (by GiraffeValue)

I think it's a most useful source of reference to help somebody embarking on the "doing" part. The closest I ever got round to was this weak attempt in 24 Tales in the Journey to Wealth.

On reflection, I recall that I never had much of an interest to do such things till age 39. Up till then, I had effectively outsourced the job to insurance agents. The wiser me has realised the foolhardiness (and laziness) of yesteryear's, and that a little bit of effort in DIY can reap a far greater difference for the future me.

My very first significant step started when I opened a Fundsupermart account. What a journey since. Have a go by taking the first step forward.

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FFE said...

Hi Lizardo,

I went through the same journey.

I abdicated my financial planning role to my Insurance Agent. Took it back at age 32 and achieved our financial goals way ahead of what their proposed plans.


Createwealth8888 said...

To start investing is not difficult but to do well over decades is not easy and require lots of learning and re-learning.

Lizardo said...


Thumbs up!

Lizardo said...


First, that step has to be taken. The rest is then time in the market.