08 January 2016

The Market is a Bloody Mess!

So the headlines are now all gloom and doom.

What is Yuan may not be round

China devalues its Yuan and the rest of the world suffers a cold. As if Winter isn't cold enough for them. They need to export their cold to the rest of the world too.

Does it mean the Sing dollar will strengthen against the regional dollars? If so, then it's a good time to exploit the stronger exchange rate to go on holidays. I know, I know. Holidays are expenses. But what's life if we can't spend on gaining positive experiences discovering the wider world beyond our 700 sq km? Within limits of course.

At the same time, it's going to be bad for most local business as Singapore companies are often dependent on exports (Qian Hu). So that end of it doesn't look bright. I'd hate to be an exporter right now. Worse if you're an employee in a shaky company. Thy job is at stake too. Troubling.

What is zero can only go up

US Fed interest rate hike has taken the first step uphill and I'm sure the rest of the world will gradually follow suit. With interest rates going up, that means new bonds issues will be pegged at higher interest rates too? Sounds exciting for new bonds issue, especially since new rules are expected to be introduced soon to ease the issue of "seasoned" retail bonds in Singapore. I look forward to subscribing to new retail bonds.

The banks (OCBC, UOB, DBS) are suffering from heart attacks and are at incredulously low Price-Earning (PE) ratios. Is that a Big Singapore Sale going on here? Or are there more heart attacks to come? I think they are worth a close look. Very close. I'm suffering from irregular heartbeats from excitement.

What is going down must hit a bottom somewhere

The oil and gas, and consequently the marine industry (Keppel, SembCorp) have yet to pan out. The price of oil is now at a historical low. But the Saudi strategy of creating a glut to kill off its competition seems to be a long drawn process. It's bleeding oil until a turning point can be reached. The Saudis are patient people. Guess they have a lot of oil to spill.

How come the air tickets are still so expensive, and likewise the price of petrol at the petrol kiosks!? There's a de-sync somewhere. Somebody is making the money. And it ain't the consumer who are benefiting from the low price of oil (ExxonMobil, Chevron).

What is shiny may yet shine brighter

Amidst all these, we have a friend who has significantly faded in recent years - Gold. Is it now glittering brighter yet again? I'm not betting on it, but will keep watch. I might yet be blinded. Eventually.

Overall, as the Brits might say, "It's a bloody mess!"

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