02 January 2016

An After Note on Star Wars Awakens

This is a spoiler if you have not watched Star Wars VII. You've been warned!

So I bought the Subway keychains. Done.

Bought a Star Wars discounted toy at Changi Airport on the way out of the country for holidays. Done.

Watched Star Wars. Done.

Now I understand why Ip Man has outstripped Star Wars VII locally. It's really hard for newcomers to understand the characters and the plot. There're just too many things going on. It's a space opera that requires understanding from previous episodes.

For somebody like me who has been reading some of the Star Wars storybooks, it is REALLY confusing as it seems like they have changed the characters. Anakin Skywalker Junior is "Ben"? And where are the twins: Jaden and Jacen Skywalker?

On the other hand, it came across as deja vu for me - I've seen it all before, with some juxtaposition!?


1. Rey is a scavenger who happens to be a hotshot pilot for the Millenium Falcon.

That's Han Solo, although he was a smug looking smuggler.

2. The evil guy (can't even remember his name in the show) meets his father.

It's another "I'm your father" moment. We saw that before when Luke meets Darth Vader in Episode V. Except that this time, the bad guy slices his father! Ingrate.

3. The good guys has to destroy the killer planet by taking out a single point of vulnerability.

That's what they did to the Death Star, twice (Episodes IV and VI). Although this time, it was more complex.

4. They come out with barely a few fighters surviving.

That's what happened at the end of Episode IV too.
[How would any force survive such high rates of attrition!?]

5. Rey flying off to search for Master Luke Skywalker to start her apprenticeship.

Luke Skywalker did that too when he went to search out Master Yoda likewise.

6. Master Skywalker has gone into retreat after a disastrous wipe out of the new Jedi Temple he established, because a key disciple turned rogue.

Yoda did the same thing after the wipe out of the Jedi Council in Episode III, following the betrayal of Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader).

Originality sucks in this episode. Conversations wasn't witty enough. Harrison Ford was a saving grace. I like the new Rey character though. That's because she's nice to look at, somehow. Why does Finn give me an impression of a very gay emotional guy? Must be the acting. Action and special effects were good though.

Pick your poison.

Stock Take for 2015 on To-Do's - The Force Awakens!

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