01 September 2015

10 Daily Purchases that Hurt Your Budget - How did I score?

Came across this article from SavingAdvice.com on 10 Daily Purchases that Hurt Your Budget. So I did a quick assessment to see how I score against this checklist:

1. Breakfast Snack. I used to buy a "pow" and a soya bean drink from a stall behind the bus-stop where I take a transfer bus when going to work. But I have long since stopped that practice. I prefer to eat a slice of bread or whatever buns or what not that we have bought or my wife baked.

2. Lunch Out. Something I certainly do so everyday at work. More so for the social interaction with colleagues and an excuse to walk the distance for an exercise. But it's inexpensive as we typical lunch out at hawker centres. So I guess it doesn't count.

3. Takeout for Dinner. Naw. I go home for dinner. Wifey's cooking is too good to miss.

4. Happy Hour Drinks. Nope. Since I go straight home after work. I don't drink anyway.

5. Soda or Energy Drinks. Stopped drinking such things for a couple of years. Or at least not those with a high calorie count. It's not good for weight control.

6. Late Morning or Afternoon Snacks. Has never been my practice to snack. Fortunately. Bad calories.

7. Cigarettes. I don't smoke. It's a vice I can definitely do without. It's bad for health by the way. Kills the lungs.

8. Newspapers, Magazines or Silly Apps. This, I definitely have an affinity for. I'm a sucker for newspapers and magazines 'cause I like to read. But no way am I going to pay for apps!

9. Lottery Tickets. Certainly an occasional Toto for me, chasing the million dollar dream. Obviously it hasn't worked out so far. I used to spend quite a bit on this each weekend. Not that I came away completely empty handed. But the risk-reward definitely wasn't in my favour. Proven time and again empirically. I get better returns investing in the stock market.

10. Parking. I don't drive to work. So no.

Looking at above, it looks like my only vice are the papers and magazines I subscribe to. That's a score of 1 out of 10. Maybe two if you count the lunch thingy. I'll stick with my only vice.

How much does a household spend a month?

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