14 September 2010

Where lies the portal to wealth?

Having figured out the investment target, where then are the investment avenues?  Here are some suggested/useful sites:

SRS  (Supplementary Retirement Scheme)
Reduces tax burden, deferring it into the future. Meantime, the SRS funds should be invested.  Else, the interest returns would be a pittance.

CPF  (CPF Online
If you fancy topping up your own CPF or your spouse/parents, so as to reduce taxation. Meanwhile, the contributions would be earning risk-free returns from CPF.

Unit Trust  (Fundsupermart, DollarDex, POEMS
Online portals for unit trust investments.  The front load fees are usually far lower than what you would end up paying if you were to do so from Banks or Insurance companies (e.g. Insurance Linked Policies (ILP)).

SGS Bonds  (SGS Bonds at Fundsupermart
Buying and selling of SGS bonds from the secondary markets.

Insurance  (NTUC Income, AIA, Prudential
Details of your insurance policies. Most would generate the estimated returns (guaranteed, non-guaranteed).

CDP  (Central Depository)
If you're going to trade shares on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), you would need to open up a CDP account.  This account holds the records of your shareholdings (scripless).

Shares  (POEMS, ...)
There are many online brokerage for trading in shares, Non-Convertible Preferences Shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), warrants, and numerous exotic derivatives.  POEMS is just one of many such online portals.

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