05 January 2015

When Lots Reduce from 1,000 to 100 - 19 Jan 2015

19 Jan 2015 is a date to watch for on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Lot sizes for shares will be relaxed from 1,000 shares down to 100 shares. Those very high valued shares that had been pretty much out of reach for many retail investors will start to look attractive.

A share that cost $10 per share at 1,000 shares used to require $10,000 to gain share ownership. But at 100 shares, it will only require an outlay of $1,000.

The bank stocks (OCBC, UOB, DBS), and the Jardine family (JMH, JSH, Dairy Farm, Hong Kong Land, etc) will be within reach for a lot more people. Will a mad rush on 19 Jan drive up their prices in the initial scramble? Any short term adrenaline rush will however likely taper off back to "value" over time.

For the retail value investor, 2015 will be the year where these 'costly' shares start to appear in their portfolio. I hope.

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jfree said...

Now the considerations is only the broker fees.. dont know whether will they lower down the fee and how much they will lower it.

Lizardo said...


So right to point out this. If trading volume doesn't spike, I doubt if SGX and brokerages have any pressure to lower fees. Until somebody comes with an unexpected business model to upset the applecart. I think there is little hope.