29 December 2014

Boustead - a Hive Demerging

The headline of an article in The Edge screamed "Boustead Proposes a Break-up"! Sounded disastrous. Actually it is not. Essentially, Boustead is mooting to separate its property business into a REIT and to distribute the shares of this new company to its existing shareholders via a distribution in specie. It's like receiving dividends in the form of additional shares, except that these are for a separate company that is also listed on the stock exchange.

Sounds interesting rather than disastrous. However, some shareholders are not in favour as Boustead could lose some of its inherent diversity to withstand ups and downs with its respective business sectors if it hives off the property business.

Regardless, Boustead has maintained a pretty steady performance over the years. It is one of the stock in my team selection: My World Cup Team (of Dividend Value Stocks). I remain vested in this company.

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