04 December 2014

3 Events in Recent Weeks

Thoughts on 3 events over these past weeks:

1. SGX Crashed. Traders must have moaned and groaned until it was recovered. Pity those software and systems engineers involved in the fiasco. Must have stressed until 'lao sai'. Who benefits? Maybe nobody. Who suffers? Those who trade. But being a value investor, it was a non-event. Fascinating, and marginally amused.

2. Oil Slips. It's been a steep and slippery slope downhill. Beginning to look like Gold. Who benefits? Those who use a lot of oil in the first place. So transportation companies ought to benefit. Yeah for SIA! Who suffers? Those who make money selling oil. Oh no for Chevron. How will it affect Union Pacific? Mixed feelings, given that it is a transportation company but its current business loads seemed to be from moving fuels around. Not doing anything, but watching with interest.

3. The Glass Splits. Not that it's broke, but the shares of The Hour Glass went through a stock split of 3 shares for every 1 share. Effectively, that meant the price also dropped to 1/3, all else unchanged. Interestingly though, there was quite a bit of selling thereafter. Probably some people didn't know what had happened and thought it had crashed. Sounds like an opportunity, so I bought more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardo,

Personally, I think the airline industry's business model (full fair vs budget) is shaky and they have not figured it out totally. Reduction in oil prices will help them during the next few years, but business model is unknown.

Personally, I will avoid airline and its associated stocks for now. But I may look at MRO stocks though.


Lizardo said...


Most certainly agree Airlines are difficult business. Not many that are truly well managed. Even if everything look hunky dory on the service side, its business might still be bleeding.

Airlines also require regular CAPEX once every X number of years to replace the aircraft.

With SIA, its a gamble they do well in between the high CAPEX that happens about once every 5 years or so.