30 May 2014

SingPost joins hand with Alibaba and the 40 thieves

In an older post (Stock: SingPost), I noted the progression of SingPost from postal services to logistics. SingPost's traditional postal business is surely on a downhill slide and will remain so.

Well, have yet to see the 40 thieves, and hopefully wouldn't see any. But, latest news abound on the announcement of the partnership with Alibaba with the later taking up a 10%+ stake in SingPost. Interestingly, this is happening even as Alibaba itself is preparing for its IPO. With SingPost increasingly looking like an e-commerce company, this partnership offers interesting prospects for growth for SingPost. It looks like SingPost as a dividend yielding stock will remain sustainable.


Softbank (Japan) owns a slice of Alibaba (China) while the later owns a slice of SingPost (Singapore). Interesting. Perhaps time to take a closer look at Softbank as well?

Stock: SingPost
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