28 April 2015

My Singapore Team of Dividend Stocks 2015

My first 11 team of dividend shares have remained largely unchanged over the past year.


(1) OCBC remains my stalwart to guard the goalpost. An increasing interest rate environment can only benefit the banks.


My defence is built around Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in the form of (2) Capita Commercial Trust, (3) Capita Retail China Trust and (4) Mapletree Industrial Trust.  That gives me 3 REITs covering commercial, retail and industrial properties, with some exposure to China. 

My fourth defender is (5) Vicom.  a proxy play for car ownership in Singapore. It could be facing some windy resistance as there are supposedly less cars that require routine inspections over the next 3 years. But will there ever be less cars in Singapore? Not in my view. So long as there is a high level of demand for car ownership, there will be business in car inspections and Vicom is dominant in this regard.


Midfielders need to control the play. They have to create opportunities for offensives, and at times have to roll back to the defensive. For this, I am standing by (6) Boustead, (7) Hour Glass, (8) Kingsmen Creative and (9) SATS.

Boustead is about to break off its property business. For Hour Glass, its founders continue to buy its stock. I view that as positive. Kingsmen Creative has been doing well, expanding regionally and in Greater China. There are many MICE events and theme parks being built in the region. SATS on the end could face some issues with the airline business somewhat affected by negativity with the number of unfortunate air crashes and economic challenges.


For the offensive play, I am looking for some excitement, in particular, growth players that may not be as yet high yielding but have the potential to go far. No change to my strikers with (10) Global Logistic Properties (GLP) and (11) Yangzijiang, giving me exposure to China, Japan and Brazil.

The poor outlook of the shipping industry could well affect Yangzijiang. Likewise, the slowdown in China could well see impacts to both. I'm normally averse to holding China plays. But I'm making an exception for Yangzijiang. It however requires some close watching.


Nothing has therefore changed after a year to the team composition. But it looks like there could be some challenges in the performance of my first 11 in the year ahead. To mitigate, I've expanded my team by beefing up the bench strength and recruited (12) GK Goh, and (13) Keppel.

GK Goh holds a portfolio of interesting investments (more) with significant insider buying in recent months. Keppel on the other hand is my contrarian play. There is much fear in the market given its lack of new contracts and poor segment outlook in oil and gas. But with a Price-Earning ratio so low, it's too good to ignore given my long term outlook towards my investments.

Play ball! Oh wait, wrong game.

[Disclaimer: I hold all the above stocks. But this is not a recommendation to buy any of these. Do make your own assessment before investing, always. I acquired them at different times over the past five years (post Global Financial Crisis) and have benefited from their growth and reinvestment of dividend payouts since.]


Anonymous said...

What do you think of a team made up of defenders? Will this team end up in the top four? Lol

Jes said...

Hi Lizardo,

So can I assume that your goalkeeper stock forms the bulk/base of your portfolio while the striker stocks are the least in amount?

Anonymous said...


How about your Breadtalk, SPH, Singpost and Japan food? Are they your reserves too? Or Under 21?


Lizardo said...


A team of only defender scores no wins.

Likewise a team of only strikers.

At least, that's my opinion.

Lizardo said...


Yes, my Goalkeeper is a proportionally higher holding compared to the rest. Roughly, each group has about equal proportion.

Lizardo said...


You're following me very closely. 8) All 4 are stocks for which I am also a consumer of their products and services. I eat their bread, buy their papers and magazines, use their postal service, and the occasional ramen.

Breadtalk I had drawn down as I'm not comfortable with its high leverage. It is undergoing expansion. So perhaps it's normal of a growth stock. It's my reserve Striker.

SPH has been suffering declining business and seeking to balance with its property deveopment and REIT to secure a steady income. It's my reserve Defender.

Singpost is rapidly become a eCommerce company rather than just a pure postal service. It's my reserve Midfielder. But it's starting to play like a Striker.

Japan Foods has been rather disappointing so far. That is one Striker that I'm keeping in the Under 21 for now. 8)