22 December 2010

Ultimate bubble in Singapore

All these talk about bubbles, and we have one ultimate one right here in Singapore.  And it's just a piece of paper!  Imagine, would you pay $72,000 for a piece of paper?  It seems many people are doing that right now to secure the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) for the right to buy a car.  *sheesh*  That's the price I paid to buy make car, COE included, just over a year ago!

This craze has reached a point where of the Top 3 selling cars in Singapores, two of them are luxury cars.

I think that money is better spent investing for better returns.  Meanwhile, go take public transport and live with it.  Wait for this bubble to burst.  If only there was a way to "short" this market. 

I suppose this is one bubble the 'gahmen would have little motivation to prick.

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