05 November 2010

Pulses and the dearth of a heartbeat

It would appear that the monthly PULSES magazine (see on its origins: SGX to Outsource Pulses to The Business Times), published by SPH, and well helmed by Teh Hooi Ling will be closing shop after Dec 2010.  It's a pity that such a good quality magazine is closing down.  I suppose it is tough for a magazine on investment to survive in today's Internet with its myraid of information that are freely available, and the time lag in the relevance of the information offered given the fast moving investment market.

I typically enjoy reading the analysis and interviews with the companies, which offered deeper insights and understanding of what these companies do.  Fortuntely, The Edge is still going well and remains my regular reading.

I don't know if it is some rule that is perculiar in Singapore, or is it just the quality and style of journalism here.  But, I generally find that the local articles do not provide the readability and story-telling that one tends to get with US journals of a similar nature.  Magazines like Fortune and The Economist tell a lot more compelling stories, exploring far deeper into the historical background and thinking of the leaders of the companies, and how their business was actually evolving or remaining relevant (strategy) given the fast changing world around them (macro trends).

Is there an option out there that I've missed?  Pulses mark the third investment magazine that I've subscribed to, only to be informed that they would be discontinued.  Pity.

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