23 November 2010

DBS Bank 4.7% NCPS - The Aftermath

So, the IPO outcome is out.  And the way DBS did it, everybody who applied got something.  I guess that's one way to secure 100% good feelings from all parties?  DBS has certainly lived up to the intent to make this available to retail investors.

There are naysayers who argued that it's bad idea to go for this though. Their argument stems from a sense of conviction that they are good stockpickers and can secure a better rate of return from their investment.

I belong to those who would readily admit at not being able to see the future, and would rather hedge my bet.  At $10,000 capital and $470 of annual returns, that gives a steady stream with fairly good assurance for the next 10 years.  Something I can sleep easy with.  [One is reminded of course of Lehman Brothers.]

Good enough for a trip to Bangkok annually for one?  Or a day out to Universal Studios Singapore annually?  Or 20 meals at Burger King for the family?

It's all about cashflow.

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