16 May 2016

I Struck Toto!

Yes! Yes! Somebody won $8 million today with Toto. But no, it's not me. I wished. Sigh. All I got out of throwing $10 on this was a prize of $10. So technically, I did win something. It's break even. No progress whatsoever. Guess I should take consolation there was no loss. Pun intended.

On the market front, the poor market conditions have continued to rue/rule. No excitement there. Actually there is, it's so bad, it's time for more buying!? With PE ratio so low and dividend yield so high, how not to experience a new high?


It seems more and more companies are going offline, taken private. More signs of an unappreciated market and underrated stocks?


Meanwhile, dividends continue to come in. And I'm plowing everything back into the market to plant new padis. It'll take awhile. I am patient.


Retail bonds have been launching non-stop of late. Interestingly, these are all from overstretched companies with mountains of debt. Junk bonds? Might as well give it a go with P2P loans. Lagi junk bonds. I'm starting out with Moolahsense. But alamak, there is no funding campaign going on right now!? Have to wait.


Meanwhile, I shall continue to be entertained by Viu, the best freebie app of the year. First, it was Descendants of the Sun, and now it's Entertainer and The Flower in Prison. Absolutely zero knowledge of Korean, so the English sub-titles help, lots. I think I'm beginning to speak a bit of Korean?


Time to tell wifey, "salanghae". I gave it a go. She didn't get it. Nevermind.