31 January 2013

Dividend Growth Stocks

For the past few years, I've been taking the approach of looking for value stocks on SGX with good dividend yield.  The strategy seems to have worked well so far.  Of late, I started examining the dividend growth history of various stocks and it seems that there are a few that stand out significantly:

- The Hour Glass

Interestingly, their dividend payouts in absolute dollars have been consistently rising (dividend per share), supported by increasing earnings (earnings per share).  I view with some optimism that Breadtalk may in time fall into this class as well.

Examining the NYSE, there seem to be even more options.  These include:

- McDonalds
- Yum!  (KFC)
- Coca Cola
- PepsiCo
- Johnson & Johnson [EPS is less consistent]
- Clorox
- Kimberly-Clark

These are all familiar brands with significant global presence.  All appear to have been growing steadily over many years.  Fastfood, drinks and toiletries -   essentials in both good times and bad?

Looks like good stocks to hold onto for a lifetime of consistent and growing dividend payout?  Sounds like a plan!