24 June 2019

End of Life - Death Certificate

Sharing some nuggets with dealing with End of Life issues ...

Upon death, there is a need to obtain a Death Certificate.  Usually, if a person passes away at a Restructured Hospital, the Death Certificate is automatically issued.  But if a person passes away in a private hospital, then you need to bring the Cause of Death letter issued by the hospital to a Police Post to register for an official Death Certificate.

Other things required:
- NRIC of the reporting person
- NRIC of the person who has passed away

The Police Officer will punch out the NRIC to void it.  There is no fee involved.

And you could politely ask the Police Officer if he could make a few copies of the Death Certificate. Be nice!  You are going to need a couple of copies for the following purposes:
  • Application from Town Council to book a space for the wake within the estate
  • For family members who need the cert to apply compassionate leave
The original Death Certificate is needed if you are doing a HDB tenancy transfer.

Incidentally, the Death Certificate is also attached with a permit from NEA for cremation. This permit is needed by the Undertaker to apply for cremation services on your behalf.



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