10 August 2015

4 Tasty Food at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre

There's something to be said about these traditional hawker food. It's so unlike the typical fare that we now get at all those franchised food courts. At the Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, good hawker food thrives.

Be warned: I said good, I never say it is healthy!

Considering how long the queue was, this store must surely be good! Like all faithful Singaporeans, I joined the queue of course. Got queue, must be good?

And I was not disappointed. It is VERY GOOD! Lots of stuff ("liao") in the bowl of Lor Mee. Tasty. And mine were the smaller bowls. I noticed most people went for the upsized version.

Not too far away is another store that sells deep fried crispy stuff. It seems pretty quiet with no queue. The hawker goes about his business quietly. I thought it wasn't good since there was no queue. But I noticed after a while that he was actually getting a lot of customers. It's just that his food gets served pretty fast, most of it takeaways.

So I ordered something to try - deep fried prawn-whatever-you-call-it. Oooh, it was "yums!" Couldn't help but to buy more to bring home.

Just a few store away is this store selling pancakes with different kinds of fillings. The pancake skin is thin, and the filling tasty. This is also VERY GOOD. The guy running this store knows how to do business too. Wish all retailers had his kind of customer service attitude. Good service and good food.

Last but not least, I had a go at this soya beancurd store. Heard it is also famous. It isn't bad. Maybe I ordered the wrong item though, 'cause I didn't get the taste that I was looking for (i.e. compared to the beancurd store near Selegie that I used to patronise).

As you can tell, I had quite a lot that morning. Those who live at the eastern end of Singapore really have it made. Envy.

Have to live a good life. What's wealth and health, if we can't enjoy our food too? Not to mention that it is comparatively inexpensive compared to a high end restaurant. Munch munch! Gluttony.


Jes said...

Hi Lizardo,

Why you never include my favourite Lao Fu Zi char kuay teow? Haha, be sure to try it next time, I only eat the cockles from this stall as they are really fresh! Enjoy.

Lizardo said...


Alamak, there's only so much that I could gobble in one session. *grin*

Will try that next time. Thanks for the recommendation.

Riya Singh said...

I like this yummy and delicious food, thnaks for sharing....!
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Lizardo said...

Riya Singh,

Enjoy, when you're in Singapore.