21 March 2015

SG50 - Celebrating the Year with the Nation II

[An update of a previous post]

It is the 50th year of Singapore's independence. That's half a century of nation building. It's quite an achievement to have come so far.

Bloomberg recently listed the Top 100 ideas of the century and "Singapore" was strangely listed as one of those ideas!

At #71, Bloomberg highlighted Singapore's growth of 1356% in GDP per capital over that 50 years while the world grew 146% and the US at 96%. World #1 in ease of doing business, #2 in shipping container traffic per capita, #2 in global competitiveness, #4 in financial centre, #3 in science scores, #2 in maths score and #3 in reading scores. Fascinating.

I guess there is much to be thankful for, even as we deal with new challenges moving forward, re-calibrating from a growth-at-all-cost model to one that seeks to find the right balance.

So let's celebrate SG50 with the nation. I came across a few offers for this year long celebrations. I thought I might start collecting the list of offers for reference. Here goes ...
Pan Pacific Hotel. Staycation package with breakfast and S$50 credits thrown in. Take in the night scenery and explore around Marina Bay?

Wildlife Reserves Singapore. For the price of one usual ticket, residents can sign up for Feather Friends Membership to visit Jurong Bird Park for a year unlimited. That's a lot of bird watching.

With the recent declaration by the President of the Friday before 9 Aug 15 as a public holiday, there are now many more offers for the National Day Long Weekend (post is by New Age Pregnancy blog). Check it out.

Seems like a lot more people exploring taking a short 4-day vacation over that week. Kind of miss the point. But to each his/her own. 爽就好。

Greatly welcome any information to add to the list.

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