20 February 2015

Lunar New Year - A Flurry of Ang Pows

It's the Lunar New Year, the time of the year when coffee shops are closed, fast food restaurants are crowded, as are all the fancy restaurants. Calories intake are up. And stocks are stable, only because the market is closed. For that matter, all the markets are closed too!

What does one eat during New Year? Maybe that one buffet orgy at wherever it is you're at. Steamboat, "lo hei", pastries a plenty. All it takes is one meal a day and I've consumed all the intake that I should be consuming.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about are the "Ang Pows". Every year, my wife and I faithfully give out Ang Pows, as is the tradition and practice from eons. In turn, my kids receive theirs from the married elders. Each year, what they receive add up to tidy sums. What does one do with all that money?

I guess there are three main options:

1.  The parents 'chiong gong' (confiscate) the sum received in exchange for what they've given out.

2.  The kids keep the money and squander it away. Samsung S5 or iPhone 6 perhaps?

3. The parents invest the sum for the kids' future.

I opt for the last. The only sum they keep and spend as they wish are the Ang Pows we gave them.

Happy New Year!


Sillyinvestor said...

Hi Lizardo! Happy CNY and huay ah!

Given you mention Samsung, I guess your kids are of certain age. How are they taking to the "Chong kong" to invest for your future? They protest? How you manage it?

Talking about crowds and calories! I have 2 meals of fast food and I feel like puking LOL

B said...

Hi Lizardo

Like you, I have also opted for the last option ;)

Lizardo said...


High 5!

Lizardo said...


They are pretty ok with it.

Explained to my son before and he seemed to understand. Probably helped that he also did a bit of part time work And realised what it takes to earn an income.

Haven't had any fastfood so far this CNY but over eating regardless.