08 October 2014

Who Digs Me? From Russia with Love

Was browsing through the data on the audience that hit my blogs and found it fascinating. Based on the total data from "all time", expectedly, Singapore is the top origin. And as would be reasonably expected, the US and UK would feature among the top few given that my posts are in English after all.

In some months, page views from UK, France and Germany actually outstrips Singapore! I wonder what's the cause of the attraction?

But I thought it was strange to see among the Top 10 coming from Russia, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine as well. Either there are many web hosting services actually located in those countries, or they are some kind of bots that are hitting on my blogs for some purposes that I have yet to comprehend. I'm sure the topical musings in my posts couldn't be of such tremendous interest to attract readers from these countries. Or do they?

I checked out some of the Russian origin URLs (*.ru) indicated in my Blogspot data. They seem to be selling various kinds of paraphernalia - e.g. knife shaped credit cards, dog repellant devices and sleeping masks with a "memory". Fascinating products! But I still couldn't fathom why these were sources of referrals to my blog. I certainly didn't see any links. Wonder why?

It's such a fascinating world we live in!


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Don't click such links next time.

They are spam links trying to bait bloggers like us to click them so they will re-direct us to those websites selling weird stuffs ;)

It's incredible what spammers will do to create traffic to their sites.

Yup, all of us using Blogger have got "readers" from Russia, Ukraine, etc.

And yes, they do mess up our pageview counts as they inflate our readership...

Once you get over the phase of checking pageviews you'll be all right :)


Lizardo said...

The extent these spammers go to attract eyeball traffic. Thanks for the heads up.