26 September 2014

Inspirations from a Lin Dan Badminton Match - Traits of an Investor?

On Friday afternoon (26 Sep 2014), I had the opportunity to watch a Round of 16 badminton men's singles match of Asian Games 2014, pitting Lin Dan (China) against a Hong Kong player. By no means was it a pushover match. But what was inspiring was the way the game went towards the end.

Lin Dan had won the first game, and this was the second game. He was down 20-13. It looked like it was headed towards a third game. How to survive so many game points? But point by point, he clawed back, patiently, determined, unfettered - 9 points in total. Ultimately it ended 22-20 as he beat his worthy opponent. Class triumphed. Sparkles of the talent in him in the last few points secured.

Patience, determination, with an end in mind. Are these the traits needed for an investor as well?

Patience. Stick with a winning strategy. One that works over the long term. Exploit the time value of money.

Determination. Even as market gyrates on its ups and downs, withstand it. Avoid the urge to trade aimlessly.

An End in Mind. Know what the end goal is and compound the investment towards the end target, whatever it may be for the individual - $1m, $2m, whatever.

I wait in relish and hope for a final match up once again for a rematch between Datuk Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) and Lin Dan (China).

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