14 June 2014

Investopedia, the Secret Millionaires Club and MyMoney

Many blogs on the subject of Personal Finance and Investment provide wonderful introductory explanations of these topics.  Investopedia is probably the most comprehensive, the ultimate Wiki for the investment peons.

I just came across another website which does a decent job of extending the educational materials further.  You may want to give it a go: Orcam Group Educational Resources.

For a kids friendly version, you may want to try the Secret Millionaires Club for a cartoon web series hosted by Warren Buffet.  Warren shares a piece of wisdom in each episode.  Guess he gave up on the adults and decided to start working on the kids instead!

For Singaporeans, the best available source is probably the serious of talks organised by SIAS MyMoney series to educate Singaporean investors:

Happy reading.

Orcam Group Educational Resources [Orcam Group]
Secret Millionaires Club
MyMoney [SIAS]

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