06 January 2011

Blog Talk 2010

It's interesting to observe, after having posted several months on this Blog, just where the audience is from.  Expectedly, while the majority of hits were from Singapore, the number two and three audiences were from US and Russia.  I've a funny feeling that those from Russia are either bots, spam or scam [with apologies to innocent Russians]. As for the audience from Singapore, I figure there are a number of repeat customers who are probably accessing daily.  Anonymous friends I guess. Others are from more esoteric locations.  Amazing.

In terms of topics of interests, it seems that a very significant portion of views were on topics concerning Non-Convertible Preference Shares (NCPS).  That is probably a reflection of market interest in income producing investment.  Safe haven?  I guess I would get a lot more hits if I keep talking about NCPS.  But that's not my aim.  So no, not going to happen.

Sadly, this Blog remains with no public "Followers".  I do look forward to receiving the 1st Follower one day. 

Welcome to 2011!

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