11 September 2020

Going TOP in the midst of COVID-19

I don't know why I am so 'lucky'. Toto did not strike. But when I buy a new property, it has to TOP in the midst of COVID-19!  Haiz.

With the Circuit Breaker kicking in, nothing could be done. So the developer could not proceed with the issuance of keys.

When they finally could, months later, the joy of receiving the keys to the new place turned into a nightmare. 

Water seepage in the unit, outside the unit. Railings with rust spreading down to the tiles. Debris could be seen having fallen off certain floors' concrete. Oh my gawd. Did this condo experience an earthquake or something. Haiz haiz.

And you want to arrange for a Joint Inspection? Wait. Wait. Wait. Some people are still waiting, months later.

And some people haven't even gotten their keys yet! So I guess I'm one of the 'luckier' ones, being among the first to be issued.

Meantime, the 6-month window to sell my property to redeem the ABSD is slipping away. Fortunately, there was a 6-month additional extension in view of COVID-19. Clock is counting down.

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