01 June 2017

Electronic Bills are Evil

I hate the move towards electronic records.  I get it. Save paper right? Save postage costs right? So everything in electronic form is good? And somebody decided to do automatic opt-in. Seems like a smart thing to do. Environmentally friendly and all that.

The thing is, when there is a printed copy mailed to me, I read. But when it's electronic, all I get is an e-mail notification. Then I have to go login, multi-factor authentication, clicking a whole bunch of menus, before I get to the electronic record. So I don't bother.

So recently, I finally realised that I have not been receiving my monthly credit bills because the records have gone electronic. And to my disgust, I realised that I was charged an annual fee without me realising.

Shitz. Shoot me. WTF.


Anonymous said...

Laziness is the evil. Don't blame it to the bills.

Anonymous said...

You actually don't get it ..

It's not about the environment, it's about lowering operating cost and thereby increasing profits.

The environment just happens to be a good selling point.

Lizardo said...

Haha, totally lazy. You're right.

And so's the remarks about "environment". No business goes and do things for the altruistic purpose of environment. It's all about alignment of interests with the bottomline.