04 February 2016

Boredom Amidst a Dreary Market

Boredom, that perhaps describe how I feel. For some, it must be heart-wrenching, watching the drop day after day? But I go with "Boredom".

Drop, drop, drop. For me, it has been a "Buy!" opportunity. It didn't take very long for me to empty all my cash hoard to buy more shares as they dropped more with each passing day.

I soon used up the cash holdings in the trading account.

Then I emptied the reserves sitting in a money market fund. That was soon used up.

Then I received some bonus due to pay adjustments. Lucky me. That was invested. Gone.

Then I received a year-end bonus. That was invested. Gone.

Then I reduced my excess cash in my savings accounts and placed them into the trading account. [Excess being that beyond Emergency Fund holdings. I'm not going to mess with that!] That was invested. Gone.

Then I cashed out one of my insurance policy. It was planned for, so it wasn't an impulsive action. That is being invested. Will soon be gone.

How long more is this "Bear" going to last? I'm going to run out of cash hoard soon. *wail*

Bore. Meanwhile, let's celebrate Chinese New Year! Happy New Year!


aloypro said...

Wow while it does seem a little reckless to be 'All in', it's very interesting to see how we are beginning to fear the bear less and believe in the bull amidst the bear! Although I haven't exhausted my capital, I'm still finding that entry to exhaust it in tranches!

Anonymous said...

Agree with first comment.
Spread out the investment in tranches as much as possible.
The global economy is not going to suddenly become better and shares bounce up immediately in a sustained manner.
I am trying to see if can spread out my purchases over a year or two period (which was what was done for 2008/2009 period) - that is already very fast as most recoveries will not be as V shaped as then.

Sillyinvestor said...


I am so glad I am not alone.

Although I dun have so much funds. My war chest was gone in January.

If the market continue south, I will most prob deployed part of my PB soon

B said...

Hi Lizardo

Looks like I wasn't the only one buying, a lot more are more aggressive on the buy ;)

B said...

Hi Lizardo

Looks like I wasn't the only one buying, a lot more are more aggressive on the buy ;)

Lizardo said...


My take is that we're possibly nearer the end than the beginning of this bear. Besides, with the companies at such low PE and PTB, I do feel that there is a lot more margin of safety. So I'm throwing everything I have, but doing so block by block, month by month. I will run out of spare cash to do this soon. But the next bonus cycle would be just a few months down the road. Regardless, I will not touch my Emergency Cash. Hope you're having a fun "boring" time.

Lizardo said...


The economy may not jump suddenly, but the market tends to do so after a deep dive. Over-reaction seems to be the norm both ways.

I find it funny that despite all the negatives right now, many of the companies I'm invested into are reporting increasing profitability. Why should they be worth less if they continue to churn out sustained profits?

Fear is the power of the dark side.

Lizardo said...


High five!

PB is performance bonus?

Huat ah!

Lizardo said...


We are not alone ...

Sweet Retirement said...

Wow, I thought I am the only one. I am tired of this bear.

Lizardo said...

Sweet Retirement,

Join the crowd!