17 July 2015

The Best Entertainment is Free

In recent weeks, we have been given the opportunity to experience uniquely free entertainment. Many have taken advantage of these.

It usually cost quite a bomb to get tickets to an airshow, such as the bi-annual Singapore Airshow, to witness high performance aircraft carrying out flying displays. But at the ongoing National Day Parade rehearsals taking place each Saturday evenings, we are getting it for free.

50 aircraft, ranging from helicopters to fighters, fly in tight formations over the Marina Bay each weekend. The full array of the RSAF is on display. It is quite impressive. As the aircraft fly over Marina Bay Sands in the evening hours of the setting sun, the view is simply majestic.

Likewise, it is only at theme parks that we might get some hope of seeing a fireworks display here in Singapore. But at the same NDP rehearsals, it's fireworks extravaganza. The cacophony of streaking streams of lights, exploding into colourful spectra of fireworks is a sight to behold. If only we had the music that is meant to go along with it.

Take a MRT train down to Raffles Place Station and stroll across the underpass at Fullerton Hotel to One Fullerton. It's a short and pleasant walk. Any spot along this strange is a great spot to watch everything as they unfold.

For those who prefer, there are also numerous waterfront restaurants for gastronomical delights. An outdoor seat is really a great choice. Enjoy a wonderful meal while enjoying the spectacle as it unfolds. As the sun sets, the reflections off Marina Bay Sands changes in tones. This gets even more magical during the fireworks!

If you want to experience the "shock" effect of the 21-gun salute, hang around in front of the Merlion. The gun battery sails in to the bay on their float bridge/pontoons (M3G) and positions itself there. Trust me, when they fire, it's quite a shock effect. The audience gets a kick to see the "O" shaped smoke formed whenever the guns fire.
[Warning: Not suitable for the little ones as they may get frightened!]

The flypasts take place between 6pm till 7pm. The fireworks appear in surprising spurts between 7pm and 8pm, with the grand finale sometime between 8pm and 8.30pm.

Check out the NDP Rehearsals schedule and do take note of the road closures.

My pick for the SG50 event of the year. Have fun!


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